Third Grade Teachers
  • Mrs. McMahan - Mathematics and Social Studies
  • Ms. Kurtz - Mathematics and Social Studies
  • Ms. Brown - Reading, Language Arts, and Science
  • Ms. Griesing - Reading, Language Arts, and Science
Unit 1 Multiplication, Arrays, and Repeated Addition
New to third grade, students will begin the school year covering basic multiplication operations. Students will begin with repeated addition and skip counting to work up to multiplication. We will use arrays and story problems to understand the 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10 facts. Students are highly encourage to start practicing their facts at home from this point forward. Also new this year, students will not complete a end of the unit assessment. Instead, students will take shorter formal and informal assessments throughout the entire unit to insure students are comprehending each section of the unit. There will be an enrichment opportunity available to students at the end of the unit if time allows.  

You may purchase multiplication flash cards at the dollar store, Walmart, Target, or any other general store. 
You may also print flash cards from the BCPS homepage.
Flash Card Link
Parent Support Link
SuccessNet and First in Math (Coming Soon)
SuccessNet and First in Math logins and passwords have been passed out to the students. Please make sure students are using both programs at home. SuccessNet has the math textbook on the site as well as great learning tools and games for the students. There is a great money tool for the students to receive extra practice with counting coins, since I know many of them struggled with this concept. First in Math allows the students to work on various math skills that are based on their level. Students earn points along the way for correct work and good effort. The winning class receives a trophy and the player of the day gets to wear a medal.