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Math skill practice for Grades KG- 5 Arcademics Skill Builders


Math skill practice for Grades KG-5th



Practice many, many specific skills for every grade level, K-6



  Basic Facts

Exploring numbers and geometry



Variety of timed math facts practice games(Choose +, -, X, ÷)

Sheppard Software Math


Timed Multiplication flashcards

Quick Flash


Place Value

Links to several Place Value practice games



Telling Time

Show time on analog clock

Time Teller


Read an analog clock

Clock Wise


Determining Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time



Sorting and counting coins

Peter Pig’s Money Counter


Find coins needed to buy a toy

One Dollar Store


How much change would you get back?

Change Maker



Measure angles using online protractor

Measure the Angle



Identify fractions, rename fractions, compare, add, subtract, etc.

Visual Fractions



Step-by-step directions for creating a graph

Create a Graph


Practice reading/plotting X and Y coordinates

Simple Coordinates Game


More Math Fun

Multiplication games


Variety of activities

Math Cats